As he passed the dirt crossroads, Hunter saw a young woman whom he recognized from a long time ago. Her face reminded him of so many things and hard-forgotten emotions. They said hello to each other.             As they each searched for something to continue with, the birds still chirped and the few early cars … Continue reading Hunter


Everywhere in the dream the people followed this decree and built vast monuments to themselves, everyone with a pyramid in their backyard, always white, always with the word pyramid written on the side with capitals, in Helvetica, always somehow with curved edges. The goal was to make the pyramids as small as possible, because small … Continue reading Pyramids

The Window

His hair is short, black, uncared for. It’s cut like a soldier would cut it—not like in the Second World War, when they had style—but like today, where they cut off their sideburns and have everything short, so they look as close as possible to muscly fetuses.             Wind rattles the window, shaking it and … Continue reading The Window